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“Heartfelt words of wisdom from a writer who has suffered addiction and given his life over to the Lord, doing God’s work and changing the world one life at a time.”

  • Author Alison O’Donnell

“This book is truly a work of great courage and inspiration. The writer’s honesty and detailed descriptions of his life and how things changed for him should encourage anyone who read it. It is clear that the writer, Jaco Engelbrecht has had a radical change, turning his life completely around. This resulted in a deep and sincere love relationship with Jesus, his savior. I recommend this book to anyone struggling with any kind of addiction or knows someone who does. Read this book and see how life can become clean, free and fulfilling.”

  • Magdel Roets
  • Author of Christian Fiction

Jaco Engelbrecht was born on December 28, 1975 in Vredenburg, on the Western Cape province of South Africa. He grew up on the Boesakskraal farm, until his parents moved to the fishing village of Paternoster. He fell in love with his community by die sea and currently resides here with his family.

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