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Stephanus (Steve) Titus was born in 1944 at Kenhardt in the Northern Cape. After his primary school training he attended the Carlton van Heerden Senior Secondary school at Upington. He became a primary school teacher at the Brigston Training college at Oudtshoorn in 1964. He taught at schools for ten years before going for theological training to the Federal Theological Seminary at Alice, where in 1971 he was awarded the AFTS (Associateship of the Federal Theological Seminary) qualification.


He married Annelene Doreen Saville, a schoolteacher, in 1972. From this marriage three children, Zoe, Saville and Thirzah, were born. Steve ministered to Congregational churches at Pietermaritzburg, Windhoek, George, and Cape Town. While a pastor in Cape Town he studied part-time at the University of Cape Town where he obtained the degrees B.A (Hons.) and M.A.


He taught Biblical Studies at the Federal Seminary at Pietermaritzburg and the University of Namibia in Windhoek. He continued his ministry and served the United Congregational Church of Southern Africa as its president and later as its general secretary. He served in the Central Committee of the World Council of Churches for seven years. He then went to London, UK, where he served a United Church for a year. On his return to South Africa he served a church in Randfontein until his retirement in 2018.


He moved back to Windhoek after the death of his wife and stays there with his daughter, Zoe.


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